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SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation
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Navigating this Site

The UH-SACS Web site has the following 4 sections: Institution and Instructions, Compliance Certification Reports, Document Directory and Quality Enhancement Plan. Sections with the icon login require User login.

Institution & Instructions

  • SACS at UH: this section describes the SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation process at UH.
  • Teams for Reaffirmation: this section contains a list of teams for reaffirmation and an organizational chart of UH-SACS teams.
  • UH System Strategic Plan and Principles: this link takes you to the UH System Strategic Planning process Web site.
  • UH Mission: University oh Houston mission statement.
  • About UH: this link will take you to the "UH at a Glance" Web site, where you will find general UH information, UH Administration and statistics.
  • Degrees Awarded: this section lists all undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  • Technical Requirements and Support: this page lists hardware and software (including browser-compatibility) requirements to navigate the UH-SACS Web site. It also provides contact information of the UH technical support person.

Compliance Reports

  • Compliance Certification Reports login: this section lists the original Compliance Certification reports submitted in September 2007, and includes UH judgement of compliance. Included for each requirement is a narrative addressing compliance and a list of references related to the compliance report.
  • SACS Requirements Assigned: this section lists the Compliance Certification reports assigned to UH Compliance Certification team members.
  • Institutional Effectiveness
    • Current Academic Plans login: reporting period of 2005-06
    • Historical Academic Plans login: reporting periods of 1998-09 until 2004-05
    • Current Administrative Plans login: reporting period of 2005-06
    • Historical Administrative Plans login: reporting periods of 1998-09 until 2004-05
  • Focused Reports login: this section lists the response to SACS related to findings received on November 2007.

Document Directory and Other Documentation

  • Documentation Index login: this page list all references cited in the Compliance Certification reports. All references are organized per compliance requirement, and as they are listed in each report.
  • Organizational Chart: this chart displays the organizational structure of the UH-SACS teams.
  • Faculty Roster login: the UH-SACS Faculty Roster was designed following SACS instructions for reporting faculty qualifications available at SACS Web Site. For easy access to faculty profiles, this web page contains a search criteria by faculty last name, college, department, semester.
  • Course Offerings login: this database contains all courses/sections offered during fall 2006 and spring 2007, including syllabi.
  • Financial Reports: this page contains FY05 and FY06 UH Financial Reports.
  • Timelines: this page cointains high-level information about UH-SACS deadlines.
  • Resources for UH Faculty/Staff: this section provides UH Faculty/Satff with information on SACS, including general resources, SACS at other universities, and UH-IT resources.

Quality Enhancement Plan

  • Topic Selection: this section contains all the documentation related to the selection of the QEP Topic, such as concept papers of proposed topics, topic selection survey and the appointment to the Committee.
  • Undergraduate Research Program Planning: Undergraduate Research was selected as the QEP topic during the selection process. This section contains all documentation related to the development of the QEP Plan.
  • QEP Feedback Site: this site was available to gather UH feedback on the QEP Plan from December 20, 2007until January 18, 2008. A draft of the QEP Plan was available for review.
  • QEP Executive Summary: 8-page Executive Summary of the QEP Plan
  • Final QEP Report: UH Quality Enhancement Plan

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