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QEP Overview

Charge to the Committee

The Quality Enhancement Plan must describe a carefully designed and focused course of action that addresses a well-defined topic related to enhancing student learning. The QEP is a component of the SACS reaffirmation process that reflects and affirms the proposition that student learning is at the heart of the mission of all institutions of higher education. The University of Houston ís SACS Leadership Team, which is responsible for the entire reaffirmation process, is likewise responsible for the selection of the QEP topic and the development of the plan. The charge to the Quality Enhancement Plan Committee is to build consensus for and recommend a select number of topics to the Leadership Team that meet the following criteria:†

  • Support the UH System Strategic Principles
  • Address an area of significant, demonstrable need related to student learning at UH
  • Are measurable in terms of student learning outcomes
  • Represent a course of action that is achievable within the resources of the university
  • Have the support of key constituency groups (faculty, students, staff)
  • Are selected after broad institutional participation has taken place

The proposed QEP topics should be submitted to the Leadership Team by the end of the fall 2006 semester. Following selection of the topic, the Leadership Team will assign responsibility for the development, implementation and assessment of the plan to those individuals with the greatest knowledge of the topic, expertise in planning and assessment, and responsibility for managing resources.


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